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Fire Alarm Control Panels

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Model No. - EV FA NF


Model No. - EV FAP


Model No. -

Model No. -

Model No. -

Model No. -


1.  The Panel shall be fabricated from 16 gauge (1.6 mm) CRCA sheet,

completely dust and vermin proof with neoprene gasket, wall mounting and

front openable type with hinged door.

2.  The Panel shall have glass door enclosure with lock and key arrangement.

3.  Suitable knockouts shall be provided for terminations of conduits and cable


4. The Panel shall be powder coated with Siemens Grey finish (Paint code :

RAL 7032)

5. All components and their wiring shall be arranged so as to be conveniently attended to from the front of the panels.

6. All indicating lamps shall be LED type and of the following colours.  The

zone indicator indicating FIRE should consist of two LEDs

a)      FIRE warning indicator should be clearly labeled and colored red.

b)      FAULT warning indicator should be clearly labeled and coloured amber

with provision for identifying open/short separately.

7.   The feather touch switches and indicating lamps shall be located in the

front fascia of the panel and shall be unambiguously labeled.

8. The primary alarm circuit shall be solid state.

9.  The PCBs shall be easily removable.  The connections to the PCBs shall be through interface cord of plug-in-type.

10. An audible signal along with its silencing switch shall be provided on the control panel.

11. The earthing terminal shall be provided on the frame of control panel.

12.The panel shall have ventilating louvers with wire mesh.

13.  Laminated wiring diagram shall be pasted at a suitable place inside the



1.  The control panel shall continuously monitor OPEN, SHORT leads in each zone, Fire detectors/Manual call point with audio alarm distinct for FIRE and FAULT and shall visually FIRE/FAULT in corresponding zone.

2.   For multistoried building separate panels may be installed on each floor

with individual power supply and batteries to reduce the interdependence of

one panel over the other panel.  However a repeater panel may be provided at the ground floor with sounder to indicate the FIRE/ FAULT condition at various floors.

3.   The panel shall be available in 2, 4 and 8 zone versions.

4.  The manual controls for switching OFF/ON, MAINS/ STANDBY power

provided shall not be accessible to outsiders.

5.  The panel shall have the following visual indications for

(a) System ON – Green

(b) Stand by ON – Green

(c)  Charger ON – Green

(d) Isolation of a zone for testing purpose.

6.   Audio-Visual indication shall be provided for the following :-

(i) The operating of Fire detector in any zone.

(ii) Short circuit or disconnection of leads in any zone.

(iii)Failure or disconnection of normal power supply.

(iv) Failure or disconnection of standby power supply.

(v)   Failure or disconnection of battery charging equipment.

(vi) Battery Voltage Low.

(vii) Common indication for Earth fault in the panel / zone.

7    The panel shall have the following supervisory facilities :-

(i)   Switch for acknowledgement.

(ii)  Switch for manual reset of panel after normal of Fire condition.

8.   Means shall be provided in the panel to prevent battery from discharging through the charging equipment in the event of its breakdown or failure.

9.    (i)  Facilities shall be provided to test the zones individually by simulating Fire and Fault condition.  On test mode the panel shall automatically reset after a predetermined time, once the fault (or) fire is cleared.  The testing authority shall be able to test continuously all the zones without the necessity or resetting the panel every time.

(ii)Each zone shall be capable of isolation for maintenance (or) test purposes

leaving the remaining zones in healthy condition so that fire and fault detection

in other zones is not affected.

(iii)       Facility for testing all the LEDs shall also be available.

10.  Fuses shall be provided for AC, DC and Charger circuit as close to the

source of supply in an easily accessible place.

11. The user shall be able to acknowledge the Fire/Fault audio visual alarm

and reset the panel directly without the use of any password or key.

12.  Only on test condition, Fire and Fault shall reset automatically.  On actual conditions also Fault shall reset after clearance automatically.  The FIRE alarm should not be silenced automatically.  The operation of the silencing switch should automatically result in an audible/ visual signal being given in the panel until the FIRE alarm is reset.

13. Silencing the sounder shall not prevent fire alarm being activated in any

other zone simultaneously.

14. Any fault signal including fault testing which the panel might be

experiencing shall not prevent the fire alarm being given if any detector

activates at the same time in other zones.

15.When Fire is detected, the corresponding zone LEDs shall flash when the alarm is first signaled and will glow steadily after the silence button is


16. Three `NO’ and `NC’ contacts shall be provided for remote monitoring.

17.              When a Fire is detected, all alarms in all zones will give continuous dual

tone for Evacuate condition.

18.              It shall be possible to program on the panel for isolating the power supply

to zones for maintenance purposes.


1. The entire system shall be suitable to operate on 230 V + 10% , 50 Hz single phase AC

Supply with 12/24 V DC sealed maintenance free battery as secondary source.

2. The power supply unit shall consist of solid state power rectifier of adequate capacity so

as to provide 12/24 V stabilized DC Power as output while receiving 230 Volts +10%, 50

Hz single phase AC supply.

3. Battery Voltage Low alarm shall be activated at 10.5 V for 12 V battery and 21 V for 24

V battery

4. The unit shall have automatic change over facility from Mains to battery and vice versa.

5. The battery shall be housed inside the control panel itself.

6. Battery charging voltage shall not be greater than 13.6 V for 12 V battery and 27.2 V for

24 V battery.

7. The Battery shall be isolated from MS sheet enclosure by means of rubber pad.

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